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Covid-19 Measures

Protective Measures for Participants

To provide a most safe environment for all participants during the conference, we take Covid-19 protective measurements seriously, please adhere and refer to WHO Covid-19 advice for the public

Registered ONSITE participants herewith confirm, that they were informed about governmental safety & health Covid-19 regulations. The participant is advised to make his/her own arrangements for health and travel insurance.

Please be aware, that these measures are subject to changes according to the actual Covid -19 situation.

By registering for Dentistry 4.0 participants consent to Covid-19 protective measurements and

1. Acknowledge the implemented extensive hygiene measures and the intervals for regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, sanitary facilities, etc. These measures are adapted to the Covid-19 regulations.

2. We kindly ask for your cooperation and enter the email address during registration, which you check regularly (within 24 to 48 hours) and a phone number at which you can be reached at any time.

3. The use of your data (name, home / office address, email address, telephone number) as part of the Covid-19 security measures and to forwarding them to the Covid-19 officer. In the event of a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 case, the company / organizer / congress bureau and the Covid-19 officer are obliged to transmit this data to the competent and governmental authorities immediately and coordinate the measures with the authorities. A separate onsite room is available for temporary isolation.

4. An independent health check shall be carried out before entering the event site. For more information on the health check please klick the event of symptoms of illness, suspected Covid-19 infection or a confirmed Covid-19 infection, the venue must NOT be entered under any circumstances.

5. Body temperature will be measured contactless daily, when entering the venue. With body temperature higher than 37.6°C, the access to the course will be refused. In this case, please contact Austrian Covid-19 hotline number 1450 immediately. The organizer kindly asks you to send a daily update about your condition via Email.

6. The seating in the lecture rooms is planned with at least 1.5 m distance between the chairs. Keeping correct distance (1.5 meters) and wearing a mouth-nose-protection during the entire course is mandatory, with exception of coffee/lunch breaks in designated areas.

Please follow the measures taken for "enter" and "exit" of participants flow for lecture rooms and hallways in such a way that the minimum distance can be maintained at all times without congestion.

Moreover, we kindly ask you to comply with the following Hygiene Rules and safety measures:

Avoid shaking hands and touching when greeting

Use face masks during the whole conference

Refrain to touch eyes, nose and mouth

Please pay attention to the correct respiratory hygiene onsite. Only sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm or into a disposable handkerchief

Please keep distance to other participants during the course (min 1.5 meters)

Maintain social distancing and remind each other to keep distance

Wash your hands regularly

Use waste bins for used tissues, face masks or other used equipment

Use hand sanitizer several times a day

Practice general hygiene measures

Pay attention and follow instructions of the organizer

Please adhere to the floor markings at the registry and the toilet, if any

Do not stand in groups inside or outside the building (to smoke/chat)

If you feel sick or experience symptoms, please stay at home and contact medical service if needed

If these and other provisions issued by the authorities are not complied with, the organizer is free to refuse/ expel the concerned person or people from the course site, immediately and without warning. In this way, regretfully NO refund of the registration fee will be paid out.