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Important Information

Update December 2021: Dentistry 4.0 has been postponed to June 2 - 3, 2023.

Welcome to Dentistry 4.0

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

where are novel techniques and technologies leading us? The digital revolution in dentistry is advancing rapidly, which brings advantages for dentists and patients, but could also be disadvantageous on the other hand. Hence it is our pleasure to announce 'Dentistry 4.0 – International, Interdisciplinary Conference of Innovative Technologies' to be held at the University Clinic of Dentistry in Vienna, Austria.

Dentistry 4.0 wants to show the visionary and practical consideration of digitization as well as opportunities, abilities and dangers of artificial intelligence. The conference features a rich and varied scientific programme on the latest developments in all areas of dentistry. International and national renowned experts will present the current status of knowledge and research. An exciting programme will be on offer for all participants ranging from lectures and practical workshops to networking events. Corporate partners and sponsors of Dentistry 4.0 will be able to meet conference delegates face-to-face in our exhibition.

Dentistry 4.0 is organised by the University Clinic of Dentistry, Medical University of Vienna, in cooperation with Dental Societies:

OCMR (Austrian Consortium for Oral Surgery, Medicine and Radiology)
OEGED (Austrian Society for Esthetic Dentistry)
ÖGI (Austrian Society for Implantology)
ÖGKiZ (Austrian Society for Pediatric Dentistry)
ÖGMKG (Austrian Society for Maxillofacial Surgery)
ÖGP (Austrian Society for Periodontology)
SOLA (International Society for Oral Laser Applications)

Dentistry 4.0 is the place-to-be and we are looking forward to seeing you in Vienna in 2023!

Univ.-Prof. Andreas Moritz MD, DMD

Congress President & Chairman of the Scientific Organising Committee